Reach out

Some of my favorite session outtakes. I’ve noticed that “the Reach Out” most often happens when I’m using my 35mm with 7-12 month old babies. Every now and then one of these images will make it into a client’s final gallery but most often, they don’t. I worry that these images are too much about me and my camera and that they’re too much of a break from the lifestyle narrative of the rest of the gallery.

Jennifer B - I can see why you love these! So sweet!

in the waves

Life, coming back

There just aren’t words to express the joy of feeling the sun and seeing the starts of life returning to the ground at this time of year. I felt it way too deeply. That it wouldn’t come.

Jack River

Kali - so evocative - the moody b+w and the sunny smile.

Dreaming of beach days

It is cold and GREY here in Western Montana. The daylight is lasting longer and there are hints of spring bulbs beginning to sprout but we’re still a ways off from predictable sun, bare feet and playing in the water.

This is a session from last September. I couldn’t be any luckier than to have a job that requires playing barefoot with little sweeties in the sand, outrunning waves and worrying about getting “too much” sun in the photos.